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Our mission is to help our clients to obtain substantial and tailoring made solutions in their specific business needs

A singular focus on provide value to our clients

Whatever the issue, from corporate strategy to capital structure to delivering short-term turnaround, we bring a perspective of value advising. This is all we do and all we have ever done. Our focus helps clients sharpen their focus on achieving their goals.

An advisory model that leaves a legacy

We have a consulting model that builds capabilities and strategies at the same time. Rather than tell clients what they should do, we help them discover their own highest-value opportunities through rigorous, fact-based analysis of the capital markets, debt providers, financial solutions and structured sell/buy processes, and through the application of new standards. We care about building better decision-making capabilities that will last, not about making one-off recommendations.

Higher standards for results

Industry standards lead to average performance. At the heart of our work is the belief that exceptional value requires a company to build profitable differences from competitors. So we help clients arrive at highly original answers to their needs – answers that focus on those issues and opportunities with the greatest potential impact on company value.

  • What today is just a trend, tomorrow will be a competitive difference, that is why in MaC Group we take advantage of new opportunities and offer innovative solutions to our clients that once they are implemented, the results become strategic advantages for the organizations.


  • In MaC Group we generate ideas that become facts, we invent solutions that can be translated in projects of success. We dedicate to our clients 100% of our both work and effort, offering our experience and knowledge, alienating our results with their objectives.


  • Every client is unique and each project is different. We don’t believe in standardized  advice that is why the results we present are strongly based in a deep work analysis which give us the ability of designing tailor made alternatives.


Billion Transaction volume


Mandates executed


Offices in Europe

At Mac Group we offer our capabilities, knowledge and experience necessary to make the transactions in which we advise our clients a success.

In our almost 20 years in the market, we have advised on more than 70 transactions for a total volume of almost 6B€ mainly in the financial services industry, the renewable energy sector and the real estate.

Team leaders