Portfolio Advisory
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Portfolio Advisory

NPL´s  & REO´s Portfolios


Mac Group are the leading advisor to financial institutions and sponsors in the sale via whole loan or ABS, of credit and credit portfolios (NPl´s)  and distressed Real Estate and Real Estate portfolios (REOs). We provide a full spectrum of services, usually under a single financial advisory mandate, including:


  • Transaction identification – reviewing portfolio data to identify optimal sale tranches/assets
  • Structuring review – assessment of the various sale structures available
  • Pricing, valuation and options analysis in relation to the above – including the funding, capital and ratio impact of any proposed strategy
  • Data preparation and enablement – overseeing and supporting the preparation of data to support a transaction process
  • Transaction management – oversight and management of all aspects of the transaction, through to completion
  • Our credit services leverage the distribution power of the Mac PAS and our global investor base

Portfolio  Valuations


With partnership alliances with key players, uniquely Mac Group have leading team dedicated to supporting clients across the banking, credit and real estate sectors to, inter alia:

  • Extract, manage and remediate loan, real estate level data sets
  • Produce data sets and datatapes that meet investor, rating agency, regulator and internal requirements;
  • Compute asset level cash flows and asset/portfolio level business plans, for credit and real estate (portfolios)
  • Optimize funding and liability structures for credit and real estate (portfolios)
  • Analyze, segment and price credit, platform and real estate assets, both for single assets and portfolios of assets
  • Assess the market value of credit, platform and real estate assets versus relevant benchmarks – e.g. internal values, accounting book values
  • Undertake structured finance transactions via Data, business plan and modelling services described above
  • SRT Assessment with risk reward considerations
  • Rating Agency management – data tape, model, business plan, committee, Q&A
  • Technical Accountants – compile, submit, Q&A accounting paper
  • Assist in compilation of JST submission

Our Valuation team is at the heart of every Mac Group project and transaction, in every market. The team leverages both proprietary and external models and technology to streamline and enhance

Debt Financing Solutions


Mac Group help connect borrowers (often developers) with short-term capital for residential and commercial real estate projects like multifamily buildings, shopping centers, construction loans, and many other property types. When used as an alternative to traditional equity-based venture capital financing, debt financing allows real estate promoters and investors to obtain the working capital they need to build up their business — without giving up ownership in their company in the process.

We offer flexible finance to promoters / holding companies to help them invest in the growth of their project special purpose vehicles (SPVs). This type of funding enables the company to delay dilution and in turn monetize operational assets to fund new assets.


Structured Finance


Is a heavily involved financial instrument presented to large financial institutions or companies with complicated financing needs who are unsatisfied with conventional financial products.Trough our extensive network of capital providers we offer solutions to companies or projects with complex financing needs, which cannot be ordinarily solved with conventional financing.


Developer Credit


Real estate investment in Spain takes many forms. Short-Term and Long-Term Loans. Real estate development typically begins with the construction of improvements and ends with a completed, fully leased facility. This lengthy process might require multiple stages of financing. Commercial and residential loans can be broadly categorized as short- or long-term.

Short-term loans provide capital needed for the construction of the facility, as well as operating costs during the “lease-up” phase. This type of loan might have a comparatively high interest rate and might include a balloon payment. Short-term loans include construction loans, which finance the actual construction costs, and any bridge loans that might be needed during the construction and lease-up phases.


Bridge Financing


Preparing a strategy for financing a development project depends on the nature of the project and its location, among many factors. Large commercial banks can provide long-term permanent loans, but local and regional lenders might be the best option for short-term loans, since they are likely to know the economic conditions of the area.

There are no templates that fit all projects, but ideally, a developer begins by obtaining a permanent loan commitment, followed by a development loan, if needed, and a construction loan. Once the project is built and leased, they can close on the permanent loan and pay off the short-term loans.

Enhance what we do, eschewing manual, excel based tools and processes wherever possible.