Who we are
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Who we are

Knowledge makes the difference, Experience adds value

About us

We are a leading and independent M&A and Corporate finance advisory firm. Our success begins and ends with a relentless commitment to delivering world-class strategic and financial advice.



Mac Group is a premier independent Corporate finance advisory firm. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve superior results through trusted independent and innovative advice on matters of strategic and financial significance to boards of directors, management teams and shareholders—including mergers and acquisitions, strategic shareholder advisory, restructurings and capital structure. MaC Group also assists clients in raising private capital, delivers equity research and equity sales, in addition to providing wealth and investment management services to high-net-worth individuals.

Core Values

  • Client Focus: Invest in long-term relationships with our clients through independent, trusted and innovative advice to help them achieve superior results. We lead with a service mindset, working to earn our clients’ trust and exceed their expectations by understanding and overdelivering on their goals.


  • Integrity: Strictly adhere to the principle of doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, insisting on transparency and vigilance from our people as we learn from our experiences and make decisions that instill a sense of pride in our firm.


  • Excellence: Relentlessly strive to achieve the highest standards of quality. We aspire to nothing less than excellence, striving for exceptional performance and superior results for our clients, our partners, and our communities


  • Independence: Our firm belongs to the partners and have unquestionable commitment to ‘stand apart’ from inappropriate influences and to be free of managerial capture, to be able to make the correct and uncontaminated decision on a given issue.


  • Innovation: often involves transforming creative ideas into new solutions that drive business needs, improve performance, and meet customers’ changing needs while improving decision-making and problem-solving across the organization.


  • Style: speaks to the example and approach that management takes in leading the company, as well as how this influences performance, productivity, and corporate culture.


We are a cross industry advisory firm, although it is true that we have three fairly defined areas of industry specialization and that places us as the firm of choice in these sectors, Financial services, Real Estate and renewable Energies and natural resources.


We have also been one of the pioneers in advising Spanish and Portuguese banks in their processes of efficiency improvement  and sale of REOs and NPLs portfolios since the beginning of the financial crisis back in 2008.


MaC Group’s experience covers as well the entire value chain of renewable energy and clean technology investment and operation life-cycle phases. Combining technological, strategic and corporate finance perspectives on deals with senior executive relationships with global technology players, project developers and financiers. In-depth knowledge of EPC, O&M and project finance contracts in CSP, wind, solar PV and EE strategic and corporate




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